Turmeric Tonic Melts

Turmeric Tonic Melts


  • Each bag makes 16 one ounce servings
  • Same ingredients, strength, and taste as our popular ‘Turmeric Concentrate’ from the farmer’s market
  • Lightly sweetened with local raw honey
  • Add a shot to any milk for a delicious Golden Milk

Turmeric Tonic Starter Kit


  • One Bag of Turmeric Tonic Melts
  • One Shaker to mix and store your tonic
  • One Measuring Cup

What is a Turmeric Tonic Melt?

Turmeric Tonic Melts are a perfect way to incorporate a serving of turmeric into your daily routine.  Each serving contains over 12,000 MG of whole root turmeric. All five ingredients are grown on our family farm in South Florida: Turmeric, Ginger, Black Pepper, Honey, and Lemongrass.

Until now, our turmeric tonic has been difficult to ship since it is a liquid that needs to be kept cold. Finally, we found a way to make our turmeric tonic shelf stable without adding any preservatives. We take the water out under vacuum and create a bag of Turmeric Tonic ‘cubes.’

What are the ingredients?

We grow all five ingredients on our family farm in South Florida.

We use a lot of turmeric. There is over 12,000 MG Whole Root Turmeric per serving which is over 190,000 MG total per bag.

Our ginger is both floral and potent. We use it to balance the turmeric.

Black Pepper contains piperine, which combines with the curcumin, in turmeric, to assist in absorption.

We use raw honey from our farm and other likeminded local South Florida farms.

We make a tea with lemon grass. It creates a delicious aroma.

How do I use the Melts?

  1. Empty one bag into shaker

2. Add water up to the 16oz mark on shaker (that’s approximately 12oz of water)

3. Place top on shaker

4. Shake until melts dissolve

5. Enjoy one ounce straight or mix with any milk for a delicious Golden Milk

We’ve been making turmeric tonics since 2016

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