Barbara & Steven

What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
Michael Schwartz is our most serious chef. We like what Michael does because he is really committed to local ingredients – and for me especially, he is really committed to live fire. All his restaurants have wood burning grills, and I think he has been very successful in delivering wood grilled flavor in his food. When you eat his food you really know that someone was burning logs in a grill. We like Fi'lia his new Amara. We also like, The Petit Mason – Barbara especially likes it because it is so ‘adult’ and has white tablecloths. And, there are no television sets in the dining room – which is hard to find in Miami.  They serve a baby chicken marinated in preserved lemons and garlic and grilled over a charcoal burning grill that’s fantastic. You’ll also find us at Stubborn Seed, Plant + Food, and Kyu in Wynwood.  


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
We do a lot of walking around our neighborhood. Ben and I are in office buildings all day. So any opportunity to be together with our girls and be outdoors is our go-to. In the evenings and weekends, we do a lot of walking to restaurants in the neighborhood. We go to Sports Grill a lot. Mia Italia is down the street. In the mornings, we'll walk to Deli Lane. Before I moved back to Miami, I was living in New York. I think this area is about as close as you can get in Miami to feeling that energy and be able to just pop in somewhere. If we're doing take out or bringing home food, I love Havana Harry's and Flanagan's. I'm a pescatarian, so we eat a lot of Mediterranean food. When we go out to eat, Mandolin is one of my favorites. If we're going a little nicer, we'll go to some Michael Schwartz places. 
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