1.How long have you lived in the area? Where did you move from? Where are you originally from?
Amber: I grew up in the Midwest, then spent 10 years in Hawaii only to be spoiled and not be able to live anywhere that wasn’t tropical – thus I moved to Miami in 2005. Kēvens shall remain the man of mystery that he is – a true global citizen!

2.Married? Partnered? If so, what’s his/her name and occupation?
Engaged! (See additional info on this in Question 12)

3.Where do you live? 
We live in Coral Gables.

4.What do you do for a livelihood? 
Kēvens is a musician. I own a social media marketing agency (Fresh Baked Media, LLC)

5.How often do you come to the market?
We come pretty much every Sunday, unless we are out of town!

6.What’s your favorite thing to buy at LNB Grovestand
Ugh, how to choose?! Probably jackfruit, followed closely by avocados and all varieties of banana. (And turmeric tonic, and Sapodelicious smoothie, and guacamole, and lychees and pretty much everything else!)

7.What have you made with ingredients bought at LNB Grovestand?
The most unique thing I have made is salted and boiled jackfruit seeds. Delicious, filling and a fun way to utilize a part of the fruit that might have been thrown away otherwise. You simply boil until soft and salt them and they taste like chestnuts! There’s an outer skin that you peel off once cooked.

8.What’s your favorite thing to buy at other stands at the market?
Well, we are self-confessed Zak The Baker groupies. About 5 years ago we heard rumor of this amazing bread that you could only get on Sunday at a Farmer’s Market in Pinecrest. Intrigued, we sought out this famed bread and discovered a lovely oasis that we might not have otherwise visited ! Of course, we also love everything from Margie (Bee Haven Farms), Lamoy (Raw Foods), and soaps from David (Me and A Tree).

9.The best deal at the market is:
Definitely the 3 for $5 Choquette avocados at LNB Groves when they are in season and on sale!

10.I wish the market had: 
More actual farmers (like LNB Groves and Bee Haven) with organic, exotic offerings. South Florida’s climate can grow so many tropical goodies!

11.Favorite market story:
So…our engagement ring was designed by Walt (Adena’s husband) – who we met at the Pinecrest Farmer’s Market about 4 years ago. We were buying fruit from Adena at the LNB stand and started chatting (like we love to do with vendors at the market). I noticed her wedding band; she mentioned it was designed by her husband and called him over for introductions. He confirmed that he is indeed a jewelry designer and gave us a website to see his work. As we were walking away, I casually mentioned to my then boyfriend of only 1 year, “Hey, maybe we’ll get him to design our wedding rings someday”. Almost 4 years later, Kēvens proposed with the most stunning, unique, and magical ring…designed by Walt. How’s that for a Farmer’s Market testimonial?!

12.Most-frequented local restaurants and what to order:
Su-shin Izakaya (Authentic Japanese, Coral Gables) Kēvens gets the Ohitashi. Uni sushi. Traditional Udon or Seafood Ramen. I love the Myoto Roll (made with Japanese mint that changes the game), Eggplant Shigiyaki, Soba noodles and Carrot-ginger dressing on everything.

Happy Wine (Coconut Grove)
Kēvens  says try the grilled octopus with papas bravas. I enjoy the wine (Ha! Their menu is not super vegan friendly, but I still love it.)

Choices Vegan Cafe (Gables and Grove)
Kēvens gets the Mentil Lentil wrap (every time!) I get the Pixsa or Biggie Burger.

Fratellino (Italian, Miracle Mile)
We love this place because they will happily accommodate dietary restrictions. Kēvens likes the Octopus carpaccio and the Salmon with fettuccine in a pink sauce. For me, tons of bread (it’s amazing! and made in-house) with sautéed spinach and my entrée the Grilled Vegetable platter.

13.Favorite recipe:
I make a pretty killer vegan lasagna, but only for special friends and family. (Check out the recipe below)

14.A worthy splurge:  
It’s not in the South Miami Area, but: Plant Food + Wine in Wynwood is a feast for the eyes and palette. Order everything.

15.The most romantic spot around:
In each other’s arms.