What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
For Indian, we love both Bombay Darbar and Saffron that's down here in Pinecrest. We get any number of curry or Tandoori dishes depending on what our mood is that night. I like Grazianos steakhouse, on Bird and 92nd. Caffe Abbracci in the Gables is also beautiful place for a special occasion.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
I really like Charcoal in the Design District. It’s Ken Lyon's new restaurant, connected to Wynwood yard and across from the Rubell Collection. They do roasted vegetables really well, and you can’t beat their grilled fish. It’s simply excellent! I like Saffron in Pinecrest – everything is good and love Garcia’s in downtown Miami. Also, Grazianos in Coral Gables is great for Argentinian food. I like their sweetbreads and they have a great roasted chicken.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
Well I'm a pretty serious sushi eater and I frequently go to Sakura on US-1 and LeJeune Road. They have a large selection of great rolls but I always order Nigiri only. Which is usually raw fish over rice. I like the salmon belly, toro tuna, lean tuna and eel. I also suggest their excellent shrimp tempura. My next place is a Thai restaurant called Thai Suvi on NW 36 St in Miami Springs. I order the Ginger Snapper and fried rice. And on occasion I'll also have the Royal Thai Duck. For dessert I suggest the Thai doughnuts. They're light and fluffy.
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