Where do you live?

How long have you lived in the area?
Five years, but I grew up in Kendall.

Please share about what you do for a livelihood or what keeps you busy during the week?
I have a scent marketing and branding company. We create signature scents for brands like Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Disney World, cruise lines…you name it. We make everything smell good.

How does it work?
Our company came out with a patented technology to break the fragrance up into a micro-mist, which is a dry mist that we can pump through duct work or just release into the air. Since our noses can pick up, very, very fine particles we’re able to scent very large areas of space with very little fragrance. It’s a lot more effective than walking around and spraying a bottle.

How do you create a scent? 
A company will come to us and tell us the feelings and emotions they’re trying to evoke in their environment. A hospital emergency room is an easy example where they want people to be calm – so we would pump calming scents like vanilla and lavender. We ask a company about the type of music that they will play in the environment, the colors and the design of the space – is it traditional or modern, are there a lot of earth tones and things of that nature. And then, we will custom make a fragrance based on the information that they give us.

How did you get into the business?
A cousin of mine asked me to help start this company. I had just sold my previous company and was too young to retire. So, we started the scent business. I basically went door to door on Miami beach with a scent machine asking hotels if I could scent their lobbies for free – for one week. They said yes, and when I came back pick up my machine, they’d say “Oh my God, we love it. We’ve had so many compliments, we want to keep it.” And, that’s how we started the business. And now it’s thousands of machines later. We sell them all over the world.

How has your sense of smell developed since you started the business?
Over years of doing this, my nose has developed to be able to identify different types of fragrances and to identify quality fragrances from cheap fragrances. My brain now kind of works in scents – making sure that the right fragrance is in the right type of environment. Before I was in this business, I didn’t think that way. I looked at the aesthetics of the place first- Now, its scent first – and then I look at the rest of the design. 

Have you found a relationship between sales and scents?
Absolutely. It’s proven that people linger longer in a scented environment. They also have a perceived value of the product being better in a scented store over an unscented store. Scent taps in to your emotions through the Limbic system making you feel more comfortable. There are studies that show the more comfortable you are, the more you buy.

How often do you come to the Pinecrest market?
Probably three times a month.

Do you have a market ritual? If so, please describe.
We go to you first for smoothies. I like the rainbow without the green – and so do both of my kids. Then we usually pick up some dog treats from the booth across from you, for our dog, Rosie. We walk around and see what’s new and exciting. Sometimes we get some things from Zak the Baker. My kids love the bread. If we’re not on bikes, we’ll pick up some fresh fruits.

What’s your favorite thing to buy at LNB Grovestand and why?
Well, you got me hooked on the Guacamole, It’s super creamy.  And, and I’m hooked on turmeric. I have back issues and I feel that the turmeric has helped. I have attempted to try to make turmeric tonic, but I keep coming back to you because you guys make it much better than I do. I’m all over the turmeric dressing that we got this past week. You’ll probably laugh, but I did a shot of it yesterday. I didn’t even put it on salad.

A favorite activity I enjoy with my kids?
Fishing and bike riding. We fish in Black Point Marina on the side of the road. There’s plenty of little snapper to catch. We get fresh shrimp as bait from Kendall Bait and Tackle. We’re not after monster fish we’re just after keeping the kids happy and active. We throw everything back.

Most-frequented local restaurants and what dish to order:
My kids are currently hooked on Pub Belly Sushi. They like to get the corn, edamame and the butter crab roll.

For special occasions, I go to:
My wife’s birthday is coming up. We’re going to Zuma for brunch. Definitely take Uber or Lyft because it’s endless drinks.

What do you like to cook at home?
We like to do Taco Tuesdays. Usually with turkey, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, guacamole. My wife likes to make the tacos with both the crunchy and the soft tacos. The soft tortilla goes on the outside of the hard shell with some cheese in between melted together.

What’s the area’s best-kept secret?
The first thing that came to my mind is you guys. My kids wake up on Sunday morning saying let’s go get our smoothies. They absolutely love them. I don’t know if that’s a secret, but we love it.

Also, La Cameronera is a local secret. Their fried shrimp is the best I’ve ever had. Once in a while, I’ll get the lobster.

A worthy splurge:
The lobster crab roll in Brickell City Center.

Rainy day activity.
I like to curl up in bed with the kids and eat popcorn and watch movies.

The most romantic spot around:
I love the Keys. When I was dating my wife, we would go down to the keys and spend the weekends. We got engaged in Key West. It’s like a little hop, skip getaway.

Is there a particular place in the Keys that you would recommend?
Lorelei. It’s a bar on the water.

Do you participate in any community or philanthropic events that you would like to share?
We have cancer on both sides of my family and it has touched our family so many times that, we raise money for different cancer events. As a company we give and as a family we are active as well.

Do you own your own business or offer a service? Would you share a pitch about yourself or company with the community?
Over the last few years, we’ve been introducing solutions for people’s homes so that they can have the same feeling as their favorite hotel. It puts a smile on people’s faces when you walk into a place and it smells good. We want the first impression for every environment to be amazing.  Check us out on or give us a call at 305 446 1670.

Is there a question that you would like to ask the LNBs?
I’m trying to eat healthier and be healthier and so that’s why I’m thrilled to get turned onto turmeric. Are there other products, on the natural side, that you would highly recommend to help with digestion, energy or blood pressure?

(A+W) Our Flower Power smoothie is full of Roselle – which has a high concentration of anthocyanin. We also have a Roselle Concentrate that can be ordered through our website.