What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
My wife and I usually cook during the week. If we go out, we'll do so over the weekend. The kids love anything Italian. My daughter's favorite is Villagio. Pura Vida, on the beach. They have a place now in Edgewater and the University of Miami as well. It's kind of fresh, healthy foods, and very good. When we go to the beach on Saturdays, we'll go there after for lunch and the kids love it. The last restaurant that I ate at that I really liked was KYU. I liked the octopus and there was a cauliflower dish that was really good. And from just from a casual perspective, something that's always consistent is Hillstone.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
You know, we are kind of like creatures of old habit. One of our places we go to pretty often is Hillstone.  We just kind of like the vibe and going there. On Saturday mornings, when we don't have soccer or other obligations, we'll ride our bikes to have breakfast at Green Street. We also love Strada in the Grove. That's one of our favorites. We love La Mar in the Mandarin Oriental. That's one of our favorites, especially sitting outside.
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