What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
I am a Palmetto Bay guy, and having a small business, I understand the need to support our small businesses. My favorite place not just to eat, but to have a beer, is Golden Rule, which is right next to my house. There's a great Italian place in Palmetto Bay called, Cafe Portofino, which I absolutely love. And, there's a pizza place called Zio Artú, which is fairly new.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
We love Cafe Portofino. It's in the Marshals shopping center on 136th street. It's a nice Italian place and their food is always delicious and their service is great. I always get the Capellini Castegliano which is pasta with pink sauce and shrimp - and they know that. We also like to go to Sage by Chef's Kitchen, which is a great hole in the wall. The food is always delicious and Hector is great. Now, you can actually sit down and order. Maddie and I like to go there a lot. We also like A-Pizza Brooklyn. My son's favorite restaurant in the world is Five Guys, because he likes the burgers. We also like to stay home and cook. We like the new place, Fiola, in South Miami. It really pretty, quiet, and the food is really, really good. Their short rib ravioli is delicious.
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