Where do you live?
We live in the Gables.
How long have you lived in the area?
14 years
Where are you originally from and what brought you to town?
I grew up in South Africa and moved to Miami to start at UM in 2004. I met my husband in college and have been here since.
How did you choose Miami?
I got a scholarship for springboard and platform diving at UM. I left home when I was 15 and I spent three years diving in Canada before moving here.
What keeps you busy during the week?
I am mostly a stay at home mom. We’re homeschooling my son, Baron, so his school and activities keep us busy. And, I work for the family business – Infant Swimming Resource (ISR). My husband is on the business side and I help our instructors with marketing.
What is Infant Swimming Resource?
It’s a survival swimming company that was started over 50 years ago by my husband’s parents. It’s grown to over 500 instructors in 15 countries. The program teaches infants and young children, six months to six years old, how to rollover and float if they found themselves alone in the water. Most people aren’t aware that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under four.  
What is the learning process like?
It’s a 4 to 6-week course. The kids go five days a week for 10 minutes a day. The little kids, 6 to 12 months old, will learn to roll over and float, and are taught to maintain that position until someone can get to them. Older kids, who are walking, learn to swim with their heads down, then flip over onto their backs to rest and breathe. They can repeat that process until they find a wall or float until someone finds them.
What’s homeschooling like and how did you decide to homeschool?
Homeschooling is very interesting. We wanted to homeschool Baron because we really love traveling. When Baron said he wanted to see snow, we spent six weeks learning about snow and then we went to Colorado and saw snow. Then he wanted to see the desert. So, we spent six weeks learning about the desert and we went to Arizona.
What type of resources have you found to help you with homeschooling?
I found a great home school “school” in Kendall. They meet on Thursdays and have classes for all kids from grade 1 to grade 12. Older students can take a math class or a language class and for younger kids, there are Lego classes, or other fun offerings. It’s a great way for homeschool kids to participate in a school environment.
How often do you come to the market?
We go every Sunday that we’re in town.
Do you have a market ritual?
We always come to you first. My kids love the smoothies and they love seeing you guys. They wake up on Sundays and say they want to go the market and see Ms. Adena. Then we grab coffee, get flowers from Syd, and the kids play in the trees. Then we get some popcorn and usually get some barbecue from Howie. Then we come back to you and pickup our turmeric concentrates and head home.
What’s your favorite thing from us?
Baron, and my daughter, Myla, will literally try anything at your stand. For me, to see them come to you guys and sip kale and roselle is just amazing. But the Turmeric Concentrate has changed my husband’s life for sure. He’s probably the last person that would ever try something natural. The first time he had some, his inflammation reduced so much he could see his wedding ring was looser. It had an amazing immediate effect on him and he’s been taking it religiously since.
Outside of homeschooling, what is a good activity you enjoy with your kids?
We’re usually at Evelyn Greer park and the kids love anything with water. The splash pad at Pinecrest Gardens is a win. Honestly though, they just love to be on the boat. Even if it’s 30 minutes, it just changes the day. Put those kids on a boat and they’re happy campers.
What do you think the market is missing?
I would love to see more local produce.
Do you have any farmer’s markets stories to share?
I love bringing friends and family that come to visit because there’s always so many different things to see. One Sunday that my brother was with us, we saw a snake, a 3 legged dog, someone dressed up as a clown and a wild cat on a leash just sitting at the tables.
Where do you like to go out for dinner?
Whisk. I’ve never tasted a pork chop that’s so consistently perfectly cooked.
Where do you go for a special occasion?
Salvatore D. It’s unexpected because they’re in a strip mall and the food is amazing. The grilled octopus is my favorite. Sometimes they don’t have it on the menu. But, if you ask for it, they’ll make it for you.
Do you have any family recipes that you’d like to share?
I have a good recipe for Wahoo. Take the wahoo and fillet it into logs, which makes more sense when you see the shape of the fillet. Then, roll the logs in sesame seeds and flash fry in sesame or avocado oil for literally 5 to 10 seconds on each side. Wrap in cling wrap and pop them in the freezer to stop the cooking. It’s better raw in the center. After they’re chilled, slice into quarter inch slices and eat with rice crackers. Top with sweet chili sauce, and it is just about as good as it gets.
What is the area’s best kept secret?
The sandbars in Biscayne Bay, or south towards the keys. Last Saturday, we ended up anchoring next to another boat with a family and my son made a friend. So, it’s a great way to spend the day snorkeling and paddle boarding, and to meet people that are into the same things as you are.
What’s a good rainy-day activity?
There’s a place called Just 4 Fun, which is an indoor play center where the kids can go crazy. But, we’re also the kind of family that just sends them out to go jump in puddles.
What’s a worthy splurge?
Food-wise, I’d say if we haven’t caught our own stone crabs, going to Golden Rule and getting stone crabs and their sauce. They have the best sauce.
Where’s the most romantic spot around?
Anywhere you can find a quiet place to just get away from the hustle and be with your family. At the end of Key Biscayne, there is a nice little park (away from it all) with trails that you can walk or bike.
Are there any organizations in Miami that you would like to share?
It goes with the family business – The Live like Jake Foundation, in Palm Beach, educates the community about the risk of drowning, and they provide scholarships for survival and swimming lessons. Kerry Morrison started the foundation after her son Jake died from drowning. Her strength just blows me away and they’ve helped so many people through the work their foundation does.
How can people learn more about your business?