Where do you live?
Miami Beach

How long have you lived in the area? 
I am a native. I grew up in Miami shores and have been living in Miami Beach since the mid 90’s.

Would you share how you’ve seen the beach change?
The growing up of the Global Resort. When I moved to Miami Beach, you didn’t have to pay for parking on Lincoln Road. It’s amazing to see how it’s grown up since my childhood. It’s gone from a sleepy, run down former resort to a year-round pulse of activity. There’s something for everybody here.     

What do you think is responsible for the growth?
There’s the multi-cultural element that happened in the 80’ with the immigrants that came from Cuba and Hati. Their assimilation into our society turned us into this flavorful northern most city of Latin America and a truly global city. There’s also Art Basel which is attributed to bringing sophistication to our city. And certainly, the Art Deco architecture spurred Miami Beach’s second renaissance in the 90’s.

What’s most remarkable came out of the credit crisis, when there was blood on the streets and devastation throughout our country, Miami blossomed with new energy and neighborhoods. Wynwood, Design District, Buena Vista and even Downtown and Brickell sprouted into these international destinations. In 2009 we had people moving from a devastated New York to find the beauty in these neighborhoods. The center of Miami has expanded into this wonderful community. I’m in real estate, so I meet people who are coming and going all the time and their points of view are fascinating.

How long have you been in real estate?
I started in 2004. I worked for Jill and Jill in the beginning of my career and really learned the foundation. It’s remarkable to see the prices change in every cycle. We have elevated so much.

Where is the market right now?
We’re in a buyers’ market. The last peak was 2014/2015 but the market seems to have cooled off. The Mayor of New York recently said New Yorkers should move to Florida for the tax benefits.

What advice would you give buyers?
These days, there are great opportunities. Miami doesn’t typically follow the national trends. Usually, Miami’s has been the last to bust and the first to recover. There’s a lot of inventory out there, search wisely and go low.

What advice would you give sellers?
Be humble. When selling, declutter and keep it neat. Always be ready to expect company. Decluttering can be a cathartic experience. I’ve been bringing bags of things to Lotus House recently.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to close the sale of a property?
There are so many stories, each deal is an adventure, wish I maintained a transaction diary all these years…I think I will begin that notebook tomorrow. Here’s one, there were two cones (bee hives) in a single family home I was selling in Miami Beach, it was an estate sale, the house was designed by a notable architect from the early 20th century but had been neglected for so long it was in dire straits. Funny enough there was a tenant living there too. Each time I showed the property I wondered if I would be stung or even worse that whoever was looking at the property may be allergic and get stung. The Seller hired a bee keeper to remove and relocate(!) the cones, with the bee population dwindling we are all sensitive to maintaining the population. Not many people in the business of flipping properties, which this Seller happened to do, are sensitive to the wildlife occupying them.

My brother’s thinking about becoming a realtor. Should he do it and what does it take to be a good one?
Absolutely. A nest is a fundamental. To be a good realtor takes being a good listener. You are a match maker. You meet people, you talk with them about how they want to live. You go through life events with them – getting married, having children. And, the losses as well, divorces and downsizing. You play an important role in what is often one of the most wonderful and sometimes stressful decisions. We are in the service business, so it’s 24/7.

What do you do outside of work for fun?
Yoga, my dog – Bug and his avid play dates and travel. I started doing pottery a few years ago and love that. When not in Miami Beach, I love hiking in the woods, swimming in rivers and hanging with my sweet family and friends.

Where do you practice Yoga?
Mainly, in my living room. I use an app called YogaGlo. At first, I was averse to having a device near me when practicing, but I got used to it. There are great teachers. Elena Brower has classes on there and I study with her a few times a year in various parts of the world including Costa Rica and up at Kirpalu. I have practiced. Yogaglo is a brilliant tool which makes self care simple and transformative.

How has your yoga practice helped you?
In every way-mindfulness is where it’s at. The regular asana and mediation practice I’ve persisted in making a daily habit (thanks Elena!) quiets my mind, makes space in my body to create and sets me up to serve in the best way possible at work and play. I find that it sets my frequency and nervous system to a comfortable state, my days are optimal when 

Are there any local teachers who you recommend?
Christy McKenzieJodi CareySharon Aluma

How often do you come to the market?
Honestly, I come just for you. Sunday is a popular real estate day, so I plan strategically. The farmers market is where I shop for food, good nutrition is one of my lifestyle priorities – not to be negotiated. I want to know where my food comes from, going to the source at the farmers market is my preference. It’s basic and the market goers and proprietors tend to be light beings…tho since the Ozarks on Netflix I wonder.

What’s your favorite thing to buy at LNB Grovestand and why?
Smoothies, half Tropikale and half Flower Power. I get the Turmeric tonic or concentrate, and I love your produce. LNB orients me in the subtropics, I know I’m home once I’ve gathered your bounty of exotic fruits and essential condiments.

What have you made with ingredients bought at LNB Grovestand?
My morning smoothie always has a shot of your turmeric. I get a CSA box from Little River Coop and at the end of the week, if I haven’t finished everything, I’ll make a soup and use your turmeric tonic as the broth. It’s a staple. Also, use the salad dressing on everything. My life, too, is taking on many shades of yellow.

Most-frequented local restaurants and what dish to order:
Love Mandolin and their Greek Village (salad), catch of the day. Milo’s lunch special is the best in town! does a weekly tiffin on Monday’s which abides to meatless Monday and is the best Indian ever – made with love, check out their pop up dinners around town…they’re doing a Shabbat dinner in Wynwood in March. Everything at Surf Club Restaurant by Thomas Keller. Veggie pita at The Last Carrot in Coconut Grove. Cheeseburgers at LoKal in the Grove. Happy hour at Town in South Miami.

A worthy splurge:
Travel, but I recently splurged and bought a home – so travel will be put aside for a while. It was my first time on the other side of the transaction as a seasoned Realtor, I bought my Miami Beach Condo in 2001 pre-construction prior to working in the industry. It was very different. I experienced the emotions that I always assure my customers are normal. I learn from every transaction – each have a life + personality all their own, but being a buyer recently connected me in a different way to the process that I relate to my clients more so now.

Rainy-day activity:
Reading: Poetry is relaxing. I just finished the hefty Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, it took me 6 months, it is the best story telling ever, for women and men interested in learning about and accessing their wild-authentic nature. This book was given to me decades ago for my college graduation (I earned a BA in Art History from American University), over the moon to finally get around to it.

Do you participate in any community or philanthropic events that you would like to share?
I’ve been Marie Kondo’ing my life for several years now, The Lotus House is the exclusive recipient of the excess of things I no longer care to hold onto. Human Rights Watch opened a Miami Chapter recently, I highly recommend their upcoming Voices for Justice annual dinner March 14, 2019 at the New World Center in Miami Beach.

Do you own your own business or offer a service? Would you share a pitch about yourself or company with the community?
I am a Realtor with EWM Realty International in the Miami Beach Office. The company was voted Best Brokerage by The Miami Herald’s Real Estate Study 4 years in a row by our real estate peers. My work family is an elegant, hard working assemblage of the finest real estate professionals in south Florida, it is a privilege to be a member of an inspiring firm of leaders. Last week at EWM’s annual awards extravaganza at the exquisite Olympia Theatre Downtown, I was surprised and honored to be ranked #12 company wide for 2018.

Is there a question that you would like to ask the community?
How do you dive into nature, Miami? What are your favorite secret swimming holes, beaches, places to picnic.kayak.kiteboard.walk your dog?