What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
There's nothing my boys don't eat. Give them salmon, octopus, crab, steak, short rib, 20 different vegetables, they are fantastic eaters. Every night it's all about protein and vegetables and healthy fruit for dessert. For restaurants, my favorite is Matsuri. We also love Ghee. During lunch, I always get the special.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
Love Mandolin and their Greek Village (salad), catch of the day. Milo’s lunch special is the best in town! does a weekly tiffin on Monday’s which abides to meatless Monday and is the best Indian ever - made with love, check out their pop up dinners around town…they’re doing a Shabbat dinner in Wynwood in March. Everything at Surf Club Restaurant by Thomas Keller. Veggie pita at The Last Carrot in Coconut Grove. Cheeseburgers at LoKal in the Grove. Happy hour at Town in South Miami.
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