What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
We don't go out that much. We like to cook at home for the most part, mainly because it's healthier – also affordable. I love Thai food, so we like to go to Cake Thai. I always get the same thing - crispy tofu that's cooked in a basil sauce. There's so much basil it’s like spinach. I have a bit of a tradition for my birthday. I like to go to 27 Restaurant. They have specials that are different all the time, which is part of why I like it. They cook vegetables really, really well.  


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
Mandolin is a great one. They opened a new 'diner concept' on Biscayne Boulevard in a historic hotel called Gregory's. And it has a poolside bar, which is very fun to hang out at. We go to 27 Restaurant as often as we can. On the modest side, we eat at B and M a lot for lunch. It's a tiny restaurant in the back of a convenience store in little Haiti. It's really, really good. And - Dumpling King is great - it's on 125 street in North Miami,
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