What part of town do you live in?
I live in Homestead.

How long have you lived in Homestead?
My entire life. So, 24 years.

Would you share about what keeps you busy during the week?
During the week, you could find me at work, which is so fun. After work, I would probably be either working on some art at my house or with some friends. You could catch me around town, Wynwood, Design District, or even catch me in the Everglades. I like to move around, even though I’ve lived in the same place forever.

I know you’ve been working at SoleFly for several years. Have you seen any shifts over the last few years in the shoe business?
I’ve been there five years. It’s gone crazy, especially with the internet and social media. Shoes are such a hot topic. When I first started, there was a nice hype. But as of four years ago, it’s just been super crazy with lines wrapping around the building, going out of the Plaza. I can recall pulling into work one day and couldn’t even get in.

What’s the most popular sneaker you have seen come through the store?
It would be the SoleFly collaboration we had with Jordan brands. We were the only store in the world that sold them.

How big a company is SoleFly?
It’s actually a small little shop that started in South Miami and we’ve expanded to Cutler Bay. So, it’s only two shops as of now. It’s pretty crazy that such a small shop is getting all these opportunities.

What other types of things is the shop doing?
We’re actually expanding. We bought our neighboring Subway store in the Plaza, so we’re going to double the showroom. Also, SoleFly likes to participate in Art Basel activities. That’s usually when they release the the Jordan collaboration shoes.

Do you collect shoes?
I used to. There’s other things in life that I enjoy more, but I do buy a few pairs here and there.

Are there any new designers in the shoe world doing something special?
Fashion is always changing. Someone that’s really been changing the game from my perspective is this guy called Virgil Abloh. His brand is called Off-White. He’s getting good collaborations. He almost takes apart the shoe and re-does it in his own way, his own rendition. And it’s pretty sick. Like some of the shoes look like they’re inside out. You’d have to see for yourself to be honest. He’s really influencing what’s going on.

Is your art influenced by what you see at work?
I try not to let it, but it’s just gonna be a part of it because that’s what I’m seeing on a day to day basis.

What mediums do you work in?
I work in a few. I’ve worked with silkscreen like t-shirts but it’s actually easy to do screen printing on a lot of things. I like to paint with acrylics and spray paint is another one that I really enjoy. I also work in digital when I’m making a product. Recently, I’ve been trying to work with carpets and textiles to make cool images out of carpet.

I know you recently launched a limited release of a keychain, that sold out crazy fast. Was this a fun process and will you be making more products?
I didn’t really think it would even sell out to be honest. The process was easier than I thought. I had to research how to do things and really pay attention. I looked up a local brand that I liked and asked him how he got his products made. The dude was nice enough to just tell me. I don’t think I would release more key chains, but perhaps maybe another accessory, like a coffee mug or a beach towel. Something cool that I could make a nice graphic and add my nice touch.

Would you describe your art?
Maybe like a pop-ish art. I just enjoy making characters. It’s cartoony, fun, almost childish.

Do your characters have names or identifiable personalities?
I do make little characters for myself in a sketchbook and they might have a story line behind them. But, not for the characters that I have posted or that I’ve made a key chain of. I haven’t made a whole story or name yet. It is something that I think of.

Are there any artists that you follow who you’re inspired by?
I’m inspired by a lot of artists to be honest. When I first started, I really looked up to Ron English. He has really cool artwork, super talented dude and I really enjoyed how he would put his artwork in spots where you would never really think. Like he would take over a billboard and he would make it look like it was a real billboard. He was really good at gorilla advertising with his art, which I really enjoyed.

There’s a guy named Anthony Lister. I enjoy his paintings. He creates everyday superheroes and has different types of compositions. And, Atomiko. I always saw his graffiti everywhere and his characters. I’ve met him a few times and gone to his studio. It’s just really cool to see how an artist lives and how they make money.

Where can we see your art and follow what you are doing?
You can follow my Instagram @depeh. I’m also working on a photo book of Spain and my artwork that I’ve done just in Spain. I’m getting it printed and hopefully I’ll have them for sale within the next month.

How often do you come to the Pinecrest Market?
Every week! And I enjoy it every time.

Would you tell me a little bit about how you found LNB?
I found out about you guys through Nicole, my girlfriend. She used to work with you guys a little over two or more years ago. She would always have the best stories about you guys and the whole market experience.

What do you enjoy about the market?
I really enjoy the scenery. I enjoy seeing all the different faces every week. It’s really cool and having a little small talk with everyone is really nice.

You pour the best Rainbow Smoothies. Could you describe how to make the perfect rainbow?
The way I like to do it is first shake up the blender and make sure the consistency of all the smoothies are the same throughout. There’s a specific order, but sometimes it changes based on the consistency of how the smoothie comes out. I like to do Sapodelicious first and move it around. I pour it in and then I tap the bottom of the cup so that it levels up. Then, I get the next blender, Jackson and I shake it around and pour a layer and tap it again. I might have to twist around the cup to get the right level all the way around. That’s how you get a perfect rainbow.

What other products at our farmer’s market do you get while you’re there?
I love the flowers from Sydney. They really brighten up my mom’s smile every time I bring them home. He has such a great variety. The kettle corn is out of this world. I can only take one home, because if I take two, I’m still going to eat it in one sitting. And, ZAK the Baker. I especially like the banana bread and the pastalito with guava and cheese. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s better than any other Cuban spot. He knows what he’s doing.

What are your favorite things that from our stand?
Everything, to be honest – from the Turmeric Golden Coins to the Turmeric Concentrate, to the guacamole. I literally love everything and it’s not even because I work with you guys. I see how much work you guys put into the products and it really reflects on how they taste. Your smoothies are probably my favorite.

What do you think would make the market better?
It’s definitely missing trees. Also, some live music would be nice. A guitar, some jazz, I think that would be a nice touch.

Any good food recommendations?
There’s a Mexican restaurant in Florida City, called Taqueria Morelia. It’s literally connected to a gas station and it’s the best Mexican food that I’ve had ever in my life. Every time I’ve gone it’s been nothing but exceptional. I really enjoy the tacos.

Where else do you like to go? Maybe for a special occasion?
Oh my gosh, Mandolin Bistro. It’s probably one of the best pastas I’ve ever had and the best part was that every shell was handmade, so it just made it taste even better.

Where do you like to go out in Wynwood?
Coyo Taco is really cool because it’s a restaurant in front, but in the back they have like a hidden club. One of my good friends spins every weekend and they throw a really good party. It’s called Lovers and Friends and it’s really nice. Also, there’s a nice little bar called Gramps.

What is a worthy splurge?
Taking a trip to central Florida and going to the springs with my friends.

What’s a fun rainy-day activity?
Hanging out with friends.

Where’s the most romantic spot around?
There’s a little spot that I like right off Rickenbacker. You have to park off to the side of the road and there’s a beautiful view of downtown Miami and you see the Bay. At night, it’s really nice. You can sit there and look at the skyline forever.

Is there a question you would like to ask us?
(DP) How do you guys wake up so early every market Sunday?

(A+W) We’ve given up Saturday nights. We try to get to bed by 8 or 9.

Is there a challenge or words of advice that you would like to pose to the community?
Slow down.

Anything else that you would like to add?
I just enjoy working for you guys so much and really enjoy the market so much. It’s a highlight of my weekend, if that makes any sense. Even though I’m working, I still have that experience and I enjoy it a lot – especially you guys. It’s really fun.

(A+W) Thank you so much DP for helping every Sunday and being so awesome! You rock.