1. Name(s)?
Taryn and Jay (and Beverly, Charles, Elizabeth, and James)
2. How long have you lived in the area? Where are you originally from?
Eighteen months. Green Bay, Wisconsin and New Jersey.
3. Where do you live?
Coconut Grove
4. What do you do for a livelihood? 
5. How often do you come to the market?
Every Sunday unless we are sick or traveling
6. Do you have a market ritual?
We stop for bread if we are buying it and then line up for smoothies. 😊
7. What’s your favorite thing to buy at LNB Grovestand?
Smoothies, ginger, turmeric, turmeric tonic, yuca, guacamole and avocados in season
8. What have you made with ingredients bought at LNB Grovestand?
We use the ginger and turmeric in everything (stir fry, soup, beans, gingerbread), and the ginger is a favorite tea when anyone is sick. Yuca chips. Banana bread
9. What’s your favorite thing to buy at other stands at the market?
Fresh produce (greens, other veg), pickles and cheese, eggs, bread, and kombucha
10. The best deal at the market is:
Adena’s smoothies 😊
11. I wish the market had:
Meat options. Local beer and wine 
12. Favorite market story: 
We bought babka from ZTB one week, and the following week his dad chased us down to give me $3. He accidentally overcharged and it bothered him all week. This is especially sweet because every time we see him, he gives the kids a cookie.
13. Most-frequented local restaurants:
lulu’sspillovergreen streetdarbarHarry’sBondingLung Yai, anywhere we can be outside
14. For special occasions, I go to:
Still figuring that out
15. Favorite recipe:
Jay’s chicken noodle soup, Taryn’s bread and vegetable soup
16. What’s the area’s best-kept secret?
Drinks at Glass and Vine. (next to the playground)
17. A worthy splurge:
Nice sheets or a day on a boat
18. Rainy-day activity:
Pillow forts
19. The most romantic spot around:
We’re still looking