What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
Plant Food and Wine now has a new name – it’s a beautiful restaurant and all health foods. Horatio is the chef and they are great customers of ours. It’s so unique, I love everything. You must go there and see. They changed the management recently. The building owner took over and the staff and chef stayed. We went to Flemings last week for my wife’s birthday. It’s the only time I eat meat. I grew up eating steaks, now I get them once a birthday.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
I really like Stubborn Seed, south of fifth. I like Lilikoi, also south of fifth. Everything's organic, I really appreciate that. We do like to try new restaurants. My husband used to have a restaurant, so he loves going out to dinner and trying new things and he's in real estate and brokers restaurant and retail deals. He's always in the know and has to check out new places that pop up. I'm usually his sidekick. Also, Plant Food and Wine at the Sacred Space- I Love, love, love what they're doing over there.
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