In what part of town do you live?
I live in Miami Beach.

How long have you lived in the area?
I was born and raised in Miami. I’ve lived here on and off for the past 35 years.

Would you share a little about what keeps you busy during the week?
I am the founder of the Miami Wellness Club. We’re a guide to healthy living. Our online hub, GuÍa, connects people in the community with health and wellness.

How did it get started?
Back in 2005, when I was 19, I lost my mother to a rare form of liver cancer called Hepatocellular carcinoma. That planted the seed for what is now my life’s work helping others on their journey to experience optimal health from the inside out.

What is the wellness industry like in Miami?
Miami’s certainly up and coming. I remember when we started the business seven years ago, there was a different kind of wellness focused on fitness and unnatural supplements. Now, you’re seeing the industry change into people looking for natural modalities and spending more time outside. It seems like every corner of the city has a juice bar, or gym focused on mind, body spirit.

How does your business work? Are you a nonprofit?
We are a for-profit business. We’re getting ready to launch our app. It is focused on sponsors joining at different membership levels that allows them to showcase their business to the community. Individuals can search for anything from acupuncturist to their local farmer’s market and wellness centers.

What do you enjoy about it?
Part of the journey that I went through many years ago, when my mother was ill, was having to do so much research to get answers. I enjoy removing a lot of the noise and distraction for people and being a resource to help them on their journey and get there quicker.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your business?
One of my greatest passions is in the kitchen. For me, immense inspiration comes from taking a trip to a farmer’s market or natural food store. It is a great opportunity to get connected with new foods and experiences.

What was it like coming to our drive through this week?
It was an incredible experience. We’ve been fans of the Rainbows smoothies for so many years, but hadn’t had the opportunity to make it down to the drive through. Now, I’m craving to go back down to have another one.

What else did you pick up?
The Turmeric concentrate is one of the greatest turmeric products I’ve tasted in terms of consistency and overall flavor profile. I’ve had a lot of turmeric products in the past, and they are on the watery side. And, I’ve been feeling really great all week long. The Turmeric Hearts disappeared – so, they were obviously very good.

Do you have any requests?
Please open a location in Miami Beach. I’m sure you’d have people lined up. We’ll fully support it.

Do you have any restaurant suggestions or places your going often?
Here in South Beach, there’s a great restaurant close to South Point park. It’s called Local Organic Living. It doesn’t matter what your dietary preferences are, they generally have something on the menu for everyone. It’s great for families.

What’s Miami’s best kept secret?
For me, it is South Point beach. You’ve got the jetty that runs all the way out as cruises come in and out. If you stand at the bottom most point of the beach and you look North up towards the East coast, you’ll find that it feels like you’re in another place.

What for you is a worthy splurge?
A worthy splurge is anything that is going to advance my health in a way that feels sustainable in nature.

What community groups or philanthropic groups are important to you that you might like to share?
One we support is Heath in the hood. They’re focused on building community gardens in underprivileged areas. They’re always asking for volunteers to come help with their garden builds. It’s a great way to get connected in the community. Another local one is Clean Miami Beach and they’re focused on cleaning the environment and mainly the oceans.

How can people learn about Miami Wellness Club?
We can be found on social media at Miami Wellness Club, or we can be visited through our website,

What question would you like to ask us?
(CG) What was the inspiration behind the rainbow smoothie?

(A+W) The rainbow happened over time. It started as people asking for half and half. Then two became three and then four flavors. It happened naturally.

What challenge or words of advice would you like to pose to the community?
Focus on awareness since everything is connected. If we take a moment to discern the effect of something, it could help us immensely on our journeys.