What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
We eat out a lot. My daughter has declared herself a foodie.  We like exposing her to as many flavors as possible and we don’t subscribe to the idea of taking her to restaurants that cater to children. We really want her to eat what we eat. We like the St Roche Market because you don't have to eat at the same place every time and they've got that great bar in the middle and there's a lot of healthy options. We like Seasons 52 in the Gables, Matsuri on Bird Road and Dragonfly in Doral. For a date night, my husband and I really like Byblos and Planta on the Beach - the creativity that goes into their Vegan menu is incredible.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
I try to cook most of the meals at home. If we go out to eat, I've got one vegan and one vegetarian. So we go to places that can accommodate that. A lot of them are in Design District or beach and usually restaurants that I've worked on. For a special occasion, there's a place called Planta in Miami Beach. Everything on the menu is plant-based.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
Delirio which is also healthy place near me. I like to have breakfast there and support them. Also, Pita Pockets is one of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants. On Saturdays, the fresh market has started opening and you can go in with a mask. I love Kazumi on the Key. They have a sweet sushi roll called the Itchigo role. They don't even have it in the menu anymore, but they'll make it for you. It has strawberries, eel, crab, and shrimp. It's the perfect mixture of salty and sweet. I love Ayesha's Indian restaurant. They also have location in the Grove. Nearby, the River Oyster Bar has amazing food. And Stanzione 87 is my favorite pizza place.
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