In what part of town do you live?
I’ve lived in Kendall my whole life. I’m 27. When I was really young, since both my parents are from Cuba, I lived around Hialeah for two years. Then, my parents got a house in Kendall, and I’ve been here since.

Did you ever think you would leave Miami?
Honestly, no. I really like it here. If anything, I would move to Krome. I like being secluded and alone. My aunt has a farm out there. So maybe eventually.

What keeps you busy during the week?
Monday through Friday, I work at AMA medical school. It’s a small, private EMT paramedic school where students can complete it faster than the usual program at Miami Dade. And, you get more hands on work. I personally like it because my whole family’s really into  firefighting and the EMT business. It puts my hands into it and I like it.

Your family is really into firefighting?
Yes, my dad and my brother are both firefighters.

What’s your role at the AMA?
I do a lot, but my main role is administrative. Right now, I am scheduling all the students in the whole entire school for Miami Dade fire rescue rides. So it’ll be like a thousand people that I have to schedule with the stations. Eventually I’ll have to spot check them on certain dates. It’s kind of tricky, but I help them out.

What do you enjoy about it?
Honestly, I really love it just because it helps people. And, it opens my eyes to a lot of things. Ever since I was young, my dad showed me pictures and all these accidents and horrible stuff that could happen and also good stuff that could happen and how much you could help somebody just by knowing simple stuff, like CPR. The whole EMT paramedic thing has opened my eyes to a lot of stuff. And the EMT business is a big family, like a fire station, it’s like a whole family.

Have you wanted to be an EMT or Firefighter?
I actually went through the EMT course when I was 18. I always loved being inside the business, and having a foot inside the door, but I never saw it as a career. It’s just something that I personally wouldn’t do every day.

What lessons have you learned from your dad that stick with you?
A lot. Really, just to help people. When I was 14, we were walking down the beach one day and there was a mass of people going crazy. There was a blue baby on the sand. I’m just like in shock. My dad casually tells everybody to move away. He grabs the baby. He does CPR like he taught me how to do it. With a really small infant, you can’t really use your hands. You use your fingers. He just had his two index finger fingers and hit the little baby’s chest a couple of times and blew in his mouth and the baby survived. And, then he just continued walking down the beach like it was nothing. I was like wow. Something so simple can save a life.

What was it like for you when your dad just kept walking like nothing special had happened?
To me, that’s crazy. I remember, we got a whole bunch of mail from the government saying thank you. I’m like my dad is Superman. Everybody’s there screaming and saying thank you. He was like ok, I have to go make some calls.

Do you see yourself staying in this career, are there other things you are working on?
I’m always gonna stay in this career. I also like designing a lot. I make a lot of clothes. I do a lot of hand stitching and sell clothes to my friends.

How would you describe your hand stitching?
I make whatever they want, but I would say they are like vintage army patches and then stitched real rough. I might stich a whole patch onto the jeans or rip off a patch from a shirt and make it a match for a pair of jeans. I love making art and stuff.

How did you learn to make clothing?
15 minutes on YouTube from a British lady.

How did you discover our stand?
One of my real close friends from Doral, picked me up one day. He had three big smoothies with him and they were all super cool colors. He said, “I grabbed one for you.” And bro instantly, like once when I drank that smoothie, I had to know where he got it. When he said, “It’s right around your house,” I couldn’t believe that I didn’t know about it. Now, I’ve pretty much been going every week. And I’ve told everybody “this place is the best!”

What’s the experience like when you come?
I love it, man. Nothing else from Miami is like it. You guys are real private. You’re real nice. Everything’s healthy. Everything’s fresh. Everything’s great. I like to shop around and try all the different random local fruits. Now when I drink your smoothie, I can taste every single one of these different fruits and I’m like, this is crazy. I honestly love it. And, it makes my body honestly feel great. I have had lot of stomach problems, since I was a kid so it’s nice
to have something that makes me feel good.

What else do you pick up when you come by?
Everything. Always the Rainbow smoothie. The Turmeric Concentrate. I always mix that with the milk. It’s amazing. I drink that every morning. It’s really good for my stomach. All your fruits are so fresh. I get the family pack of bagels and I’ll throw them in the freezer. I’m about to eat one pretty soon. I love all your stuff. I love that you put turmeric in everything too.

What other restaurants or places do you like going to, that you might recommend?
I don’t really go to too many restaurants. I like simple spots and farmer’s markets.

What’s Miami’s best kept secret?
A good genuine spot like you guys, where you can enjoy something fresh and healthy. A lot of people just go for a lot of like greasy steaks and things but the healthy stuff is good for me. I think you guys are a good secret to be honest.

What for you is a worthy splurge?
Food and Hobby Lobby stuff – like threads and needles and glue and arts and crafts stuff.

What community groups or events are important to you that you might like to promote or share?
I’m not too big into politics, but I’m thinking about all those Texas kids in the shooting and thinking about what can be done. It was just disgusting what happened. I have a young nephew and thinking about a kid going to school and thinking about him getting shot at or anything doesn’t sit well with me.

Is there a question, words of advice, or a challenge that you would like to pose to the community?
Health over wealth. Health is gonna benefit you in the long run more than anything else. Health is a main thing that you need to be focused on in life. A lot of people talk about priorities, but they don’t really realize your mental health and physical health is the most important.

Is there a pitch about the school or your clothing that you would like to share?
Our school is called AMA, If you’re interested in becoming an EMT, a paramedic, or a nurse, we have all three of those programs. 

For my art, I take commissions. I don’t usually go out and buy a pair of jeans. I usually like to to start on a pair you already have that fits you best. I like to work on that one. Before I even start any stitching, I take pictures and send it to the customer, so they pick which one they want.

What question would you like to ask us?
(AH) Two questions. What new products do you guys have coming next? And, I want to hear more about your metaverse projects.

(A+W) This weekend we’re bringing back our turmeric hummus and bagel chips!

(W) I’m designing virtual jewelry that can only be worn in the metaverse. You can see some of my latest designs here