Dani Londono

In what part of town do you live?
Key Biscayne

How long have you lived in the area?
20 years. I was born here, but I grew up in Columbia until I was 10, and then came back and have been living on this beautiful island ever since.

What do you like about living on the Island?
I love that it’s a small community where everybody knows each other, and everybody is trying to live a healthy life. You always see people working out around here and we have the beach. It’s a safe environment. I’m also a mom and I’ve stayed here because it’s great place to raise kids. We live in a paradise.

Would you tell us a little bit about yourself, about what keeps you busy during the week?
I work at a law firm as a paralegal. I’ve been working in the law field for 13 years. And then, I am also a mom. I come home and have to cook. I’m constantly trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I bike ride. I go running in the mornings. I love going out on the boat. We’re always adventuring.

What attracted you to the legal field?
I always wanted to be a lawyer. I became a mom at a very young age and went straight to work as a paralegal. I love helping people. I worked at a real estate law firm for five years and saved so many homes and people were so grateful. To be able to help somebody else in need is very satisfying. I’ve also learned that when you know about the law, you feel more confident in life.

How did becoming a mother at a young age change you?
I had my daughter at 18 years old. I graduated high school pregnant, and ever since then, my life changed completely. I went from wanting to go partying and being with friends to raising a child that is respectful of this world, well mannered, and healthy. I no longer think about myself. I think for somebody else and everything I do will definitely affect her. She makes me a better person.

Have you been able to spend more time together during the lockdown?
We thought it was only going to be two weeks. My daughter and I live in a small apartment and her grandparents, in Palmetto Bay, have a bigger house, a boat, and a pool. So, I said – ‘for two weeks go to your grandparent’s house.’ But then it turned out to be much longer – it’s been two months that I cannot hug my daughter. Not because I’m sick or anything, but I still go to the office, and we’re trying to just be conscious. For the first time, I got to hug her on mother’s day. I swear, it was the best feeling ever.

Outside of being a parent and a paralegal, what else keeps you busy?
I am also a realtor. I wear many hats. I buy and sell properties all the time for investment and can help my friends. It’s taught me a lot about business and how to become independent.

Are you seeing any changes yet in the real estate market?
There is going to be a lot of desperation and people will need to lower their prices on rent and others may be forced to sell their homes. Now is a time to save your money, not to splurge, and just be conscious. There’s two ways to react to a challenge. You can try to better your circumstances, or it can go another way where you just lose your mind and go into a depression. We have to stay healthy and mindful for the future.

You have been coming to our drive through for the last few weeks. Would you share about that experience?
I am obsessed with your smoothies and the turmeric cookies. I have been going out for about a month, every weekend. I tell you that everybody that I come in contact with asks me about your smoothies. I actually have a group of girlfriends that want to start doing the drive every weekend with me, because even though it’s very far from me, it’s so worth it. The first time I got there, there was no line and I was super excited. The second time, there was a longer line and I thought, ‘It’s like going to a park and going on a ride where you get a prize at the end.’ It’s so exciting.

Did you use the online menu while you were in line?
I did and found the word of the day for the discount on ice cream. I thought that was really clever and it definitely makes me go to the menu and explore more and then find out that you guys have more products.

How did you discover LNB?
Through Levi (Adena’s brother) and Sara. I used to go to the Arsht Center market for your jack fruit. I had never tasted jack fruit. It’s a weird fruit, but so delicious, and when you guys mix it in your smoothies, it’s even better. You guys make everything with love and you can tell because you taste it and feel it. Every time I drink a smoothie, I smile from ear to ear. When I saw on Instagram that you reopened as a drive through I was so excited. I got five smoothies and cookies to bring back and share with friends.

What other restaurants, or business that are open, are you supporting right now?
Delirio which is also healthy place near me. I like to have breakfast there and support them. Also, Pita Pockets is one of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants. On Saturdays, the fresh market has started opening and you can go in with a mask.

What restaurants are you looking forward to going back to?
I love Kazumi on the Key. They have a sweet sushi roll called the Itchigo role. They don’t even have it in the menu anymore, but they’ll make it for you. It has strawberries, eel, crab, and shrimp. It’s the perfect mixture of salty and sweet. I love Ayesha’s Indian restaurant. They also have location in the Grove. Nearby, the River Oyster Bar has amazing food. And Stanzione 87 is my favorite pizza place.

What about for a special occasion, where might you go?
The last special occasion was my 30th birthday and we celebrated at Swan. I would say, SwanKomodo, and Planta South are amazing restaurants for a celebration.

What’s Miami’s best kept secret?
Key Biscayne. No one really knows about it.

What is a worthy splurge for you?
Bikinis. Agua Bendita, makes some of the most expensive bathing suits, but they are so well designed and the quality is amazing. That’s my guilty pleasure.

What do you like to do when it is raining out?
I like to look out the window and watch the rainfall.

What community events are important to you that you might like to promote or share?
I really like women empowerment events. There’s not a specific one, but just always trying to find ways to help each other out. It’s become a movement to empower each other instead of bringing each other down. Also, I support the Best Buddy Foundation and St. Jude Hospital.

Is there a pitch that you would like to share about real estate or something else with our readers?
I would like to encourage people to work out and if they want to lead a healthy lifestyle to follow me on Instagram: DaniiiLondon. I share tips for healthy meals, workouts from home, and beauty regimens.

Is there a question you would like to ask us?
(DL) Would you guys open a stand closer to Key Biscayne?

(A+W) Maybe down the line. You make it sound like such a magical place that we need to rediscover.

What advice, question or challenge would you like to pose to the community?
I would challenge everyone to show a little more kindness. Take five minutes in the morning, when you wake up, stretch and tell yourself it’s going to be a beautiful day. You manifest what you want out of each day. And for me, it’s worked.