What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
Delirio which is also healthy place near me. I like to have breakfast there and support them. Also, Pita Pockets is one of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants. On Saturdays, the fresh market has started opening and you can go in with a mask. I love Kazumi on the Key. They have a sweet sushi roll called the Itchigo role. They don't even have it in the menu anymore, but they'll make it for you. It has strawberries, eel, crab, and shrimp. It's the perfect mixture of salty and sweet. I love Ayesha's Indian restaurant. They also have location in the Grove. Nearby, the River Oyster Bar has amazing food. And Stanzione 87 is my favorite pizza place.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
That list is supremely long. Do we go geographically...alphabetically? My buddy Niven, just opened up (Mamey) a new spot in Coral Gables. The food looks great, but I haven't been yet. The guys that Bar Lab cocktails opened up their natural wine popup on South beach, and it looks amazing. I still haven't gotten my hands on one of those pizzas that Brad and Old Greg's are doing in the Design District. I really miss the eating the ceviche at Itamae on an everyday basis. I still get my share of my EL Bagels - that's like my essential breakfast and brunch item. I still eat a ton of Stanzione's pizzas. I had an amazing lobster roll from Justin Flit and Mike Beltran at Nave. They're doing a New England style clam shack menu on the weekends. Aaron Brooks is doing a pop up at Stanzione 87. It's like a Turkish inspired pide and lahmacun. Aaron is supremely underrated. His food is incredible. One of the silver linings of the pandemic is all the creativity that's coming out of it. I've also had some random homemade things. There's a nice girl, that I met through the Miami food community, that's making homemade Armenian food every weekend. People are signing up and she's selling out every weekend. Her name is The Spicy Dolma. The guys from Kyu, Chef Raheem and his crew, are doing amazing barbecue right out of their front yard. It's impossible to list everyone. Jaguar Sun is doing amazing things right now in Little River. People are finding ways to survive. They're finding ways to thrive. They're finding ways to support their teams and to support their families. All of that is really amazing.
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