What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
We've done Hometown Barbecue take out a bunch. They're awesome. I go to Babes Meat & Counter all the time. There's a great Nikkei-inspired Peruvian place called Itamae. Macchialina on the Beach is always a favorite of ours. Of course, there's A pizza Brooklyn and Ghee. Those are the big hitters. Right now, we're doing some Joe's because the season is here. And my new favorite, which I've done practically every week is the Lazy Oyster. A bunch of guys are doing delivery oysters from all the big spots, Washington, California, Massachusetts, and they are phenomenal. The price is fantastic. They're on Instagram. They shuck them and leave them in the shell. My daughter loves like the oyster water. She'll help me prepare my oyster with mignonette. It's become another ritual. It's so cool - like you guys - people have become creative and resilient in what they've done to adjust to the new reality. We are happy to support these businesses.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
Right in our same warehouse, a few doors down is an insanely great barbecue place called Hate Monday's Tavern. Their stuff is amazing - from briskets to Tomahawk steaks and smoked salmon. He has a big smoker right outside the front door. They come by and we'll do some wine tastings with them as well. I'm also a huge microbrewery beer fan. There's a great local warehouse brewery called Unseen Creatures. I love their styles, because they're very old school. They have a lot of farmhouse Saisons and lagers and then their IPAs are super delicious and clean. Also - The Eating House in Coral Gables is really good.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
I'll give some shout outs. My friend Josh from Premium Meats is in the wagyu business. He's gone from being an incredible host where you would get meat from his house. And now, he's in the Bird Road Arts District. He started by ordering wagyu beef for himself, and then thought his friends would like some too. He's got a real passion for it and he's happy to talk any cut of cow. I want to frequent places where the passion is coming from the owner like that because it's gonna bleed into the bite or the sip that you have.
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