What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
We've done Hometown Barbecue take out a bunch. They're awesome. I go to Babes Meat & Counter all the time. There's a great Nikkei-inspired Peruvian place called Itamae. Macchialina on the Beach is always a favorite of ours. Of course, there's A pizza Brooklyn and Ghee. Those are the big hitters. Right now, we're doing some Joe's because the season is here. And my new favorite, which I've done practically every week is the Lazy Oyster. A bunch of guys are doing delivery oysters from all the big spots, Washington, California, Massachusetts, and they are phenomenal. The price is fantastic. They're on Instagram. They shuck them and leave them in the shell. My daughter loves like the oyster water. She'll help me prepare my oyster with mignonette. It's become another ritual. It's so cool - like you guys - people have become creative and resilient in what they've done to adjust to the new reality. We are happy to support these businesses.
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