What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
I love Bangkok City on Bird Road - it is a tiny sushi restaurant. It's a small family restaurant and I always feel welcome there and they have such great sushi. I support Brewing Buddha cafe, the art house coffee shop. The owners are wonderful. I've actually run into them at the farmer's market before. Supporting small businesses seems more important now than ever.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
We've gone to the Last Carrot a few times in the Grove. We order from Mi Italia. We've ordered from A Pizza Brooklyn. Of course, you guys. One of my favorite coffee places was a Brewing Buddha, but unfortunately they closed and don't even have takeout. We've gone to Wayside Market a few times. We've gone to Lokal to order and truthfully to walk around the Grove with a beer in hand. They have a window where you can can get a draft beer and burgers for takeout. Last week we went by and walked around the Grove, which is a bit apocalyptic with nobody around on a Sunday afternoon. There is Mojito Grill in South Miami. And, we've been getting ice cream delivered from Azucar through their Instagram page.
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