Javier Carpio

What part of town do you live in?
Gables/ South Miami

How long have you lived in this area?
I just moved to this area in February, but I grew up in Palmetto Bay. I moved here because my business is closer to the Gables.  I go to Pinecrest for a few clients.

Would you share about what you do during the week?
We are a sport-specific and movement-specific training company. I work to enhance the bio-mechanics of athletes. For example, I did the preseason training for the Palmetto football team this summer and last summer to work on their movements on the field. I work with tennis players on reaction time. Our method is broken down to the science behind each sport.

What is different in the way you train from regular training?
Most trainers set up cones and drills that anyone can do. What sets us apart is our resistance and reaction equipment. For high school we have what’s called a long cord. It’s a red resistant band that can stretch out to 40 yards, with about 40 pounds of resistance. We can also add more bands. For example, some of the NFL players that have trained at the main facility in Georgia, use up to seven bands. When you use the resistant bands you are training your fast twitch muscle fibers. Then, when you are ready, your body is working just as hard thinking it has the band – but you’re faster. We’ll get position specific. If you’re a quarterback, we’ll put you in a harness and let you throw with the resistance.

Do they look like big rubber bands?
They are like spear fishing gun bands that are put around one player and held by a teammate or tied down.

How do you train reaction time?
We have a reaction machine box that has lights and sounds. You do a movement, depending on the drill, reacting to when a sound or flash happens. A lot of kids have a false step, where they step backwards instead of stepping forward. We work on that hesitation.

What do you enjoy most about it?
It’s fun. I’m working with athletes that are dedicated and have focus. I love working with kids, and my first school client was Palmetto – and I graduated from there!

How often do you come to the Pinecrest market?
I try to go every Sunday.

What’s your market ritual?
I stop by Live Pawsitively for some organic dehydrated dog treats. Then, I stop by you guys for the Turmeric tonic and the Rainbow smoothie. Then I’ll see what vegetables each vendor has. Sometimes I’ll get soap from Fatima.

You’ve been drinking the Turmeric for a while, how is it helping you?
I stay away from chemicals; I don’t even like to take Advil. Depending on how I feel each day is the amount of Turmeric I’m going to take. On average, two to four ounces a day gets me going. I recommended people try it at your stand at the Pinecrest Market.

What would make the market better?
More seating. That’s why I try to go early, because I know later in the day, it gets pretty crowded. I like that there’s plenty of vendors.

Where do you like to go out for food or drinks?
I cook a lot, but if I go out, I prefer local mom and pops. I like the Beehive, it’s more of a Vegan spot. He’s a Brazilian and makes everything that day and sells out. Also, I like the happy hour at Doc B’s and Tap 42.

Where do you go for a special occasion?
For a nice steak at Morton’s or for Italian at a place called Salumeria on Miracle Mile.

What do you like to cook at home?
I’ll cook salmon, swordfish, and steak. Mostly, I’ll eat chicken, eggs, and kale.

What is a worthy splurge?
Brunch. That’s my cheat meal. Now that Miami Spice is going around. I’ll have fried chicken and waffles or French toast and pancakes. It’s just worth it. You know, Monday I’ll be back in the gym.

What’s a good rainy-day activity?
Push-ups and Netflix in between. Try holding a plank during commercials. You don’t really need a gym. If you’re cost saving, you can get away with doing, push-ups, pull-ups, and squats in your living room. You can use a medicine ball, or trust me – if you do hundreds of squats or lunges, you’ll feel it no matter what weight.

How can people find out more about your training?
We’re called¬†Excel Sports Performance. Email me or give me a call. You’re invited to do one of the workouts for free and see what we do.

Is there a question would you like to ask us?
How long have you guys been involved at the market and how’d you get started?

(A+W) We’ve been at the Pinecrest Market for eight years. Adena grew up on the farm and has always loved sharing and teaching about what’s grown locally. The market is the best place to share what we grow.

Anything else you would like to add?
After you exercise – think about what you do for recovery. Like stretching, yoga, or swimming. After exercise, you need to flush out the lactic acid. A vinyasa flow class is great. I recommend it to my athletes.

(A+W) Thank you! That’s great advice.