What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
We really love to cook, so it's hard for us to get out of that box. We like to walk around in Coral Gables and see the new things that are popping up all over. We actually went to a restaurant that was excellent the other night, called T U R. It's on Geraldo, but not on the closed off street. The food was excellent- but why do we have to have TV sets everywhere? That would be my only complaint.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
I do like to try new places, because we're covering new restaurants all the time. There's a new place on a new Mediterranean place called T U R on Giralda. It's super clean and very good. I like my food deconstructed, I like to see what it is. Caja Caliente is really good Cuban food done by a young 25 year old named Monica. I like to eat at the bar at Zucca at St Michele. It's super fun and the hotel is beautiful. Their charcuterie board is great. It has this European feeling and I feel like I'm somewhere else when I go there. Also, soup at Miss Saigon on Giralda and they have a location in Pinecrest. It's very good and you can eat there all the time.
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