What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
I can speak about breweries. When I first moved to Miami, Lincoln's Beard had this thing called recess, which was meant for parents of young children to come and hang out and have beers. It's a super good vibe, really mellow place. After that, Unseen Creatures, which is in the same area. They're focused on almost terroir level yeasts and other things to produce their beers. It's just spectacular and I totally love their stuff. The other one would be Tripping Animals. It's a little further afield. I will take a pilgrimage, at least once a week to one of these, to buy our stock of beer.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
For clothing, there's a small boutique near Pinecrest that's wonderful, called Indigo Republic. I love going there with Aly and just getting a few things. As far as restaurants, Guadalajara is a Mexican spot that's family owned that we enjoy. We also like Anacapri, the Italian spot. Those are our go-to places.


What local restaurants or businesses do you recommend?
We've been going to Fairchild Tropical Garden, especially during quarantine, it's really an incredible escape. The landscape there may not change, but it's different every time you go. It's a great place to just explore and for the kids to run around. You feel like you have the whole place to yourself, even if there's a lot of other people there. One place we love for take out it Fratellino on Miracle Mile. It's a very small Italian restaurant, two doors down from the Playhouse. The owner is this guy Beto, you will love him. My wife grew up on Miami Beach, and Beto had a restaurant in Bay Harbor that she and her family would go to at least once a week. When we went to his new place, it was as if no time had passed. He knows everybody in there, he's a sweetheart. My wife who had a crush on him openly when she was 10, I think still has a crush on him.
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